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  • Jamie Ramsay

Bærplukker & Brides

A little over a month ago, I found myself two hours from Trondheim, Norway, on the fishing island of Hitra. My friends Camilla and Monica had brought me to Monica's family's new home, perched at the edge of a hilltop overlooking the fjord, where we were preparing for their upcoming wedding. And yeah, we were hanging out, stress-free, eating breakfast on the wraparound porch, spending time in the forrest, neither one of them freaking out, three days before their big day. It's one of the many reasons I love them. They find ways to get it all done but still take the time to be with family, savor the times they share, and savor a quality cup of coffee amongst loved ones.

Since I started coaching derby in Trondheim, three years ago, I've always stayed with Camilla and Monica, except once, when they were moving into their current home. They've been solid family since the day they first welcomed me into their home, and we've grown closer every trip. A more complementary duo would be hard to find. They support each other, balance each other out and, most importantly, are always making each other and, in turn the people around them, laugh.

One of the coolest things about their wedding was how much thought they put into making it really meaningful to them by personalizing details and cultivating the talents of their diverse friends and families. This wedding just really felt like "them." Since I've known the two, they've always been the home everyone goes to to hang out and be koselig. We have had tons of team meetings and impromptu dinner parties there. People stop by often. I love that comfortability they share with everyone around them. Their wedding was no different.

Both of them are from Trøndelag and the place they got married, Ferstad Gard, is an old farmhouse from 1790, and so representative of the history of the area. Much of the food for the buffet, like cheeses and honey and sausage, was procured from area farms, and the vegetables and herbs from their home garden. A chef from Camilla's work prepared the meal and baked the bread from scratch, while other industry friends staffed the bar. While at Hitra, we picked bucketsful of wild blueberries that Monica and Camilla made into a variety of jams for the cheese trays at dinner and dessert. Monica's father smoked salmon from Hitra in his self-built smoker to add to the feast. Camilla's boss at the craft brew-burger joint at which she works, Bror, created and bottled a special brew just for the day, 1000 bottles of it! The two of them crafted and painted all their own centerpieces, which were created from bottles they had gathered and grasses and wildflowers they had picked locally. The two wrote songs for each other and Camilla sang hers to Monica at the wedding, while playing piano. I had a chance to throw in, as well, making coordinating leather belts for them. A cartoonist family friend created a caricature of the couple . Their talented toastmasters sang a live song accompanied by guitar to close out the ceremonies, and the list of amazing talents rolls on. Sufficed to say, it has to be one of the most joyous and cozy weddings that I have ever been to. Between laughing and mingling, I was shooting, with an alternating huge smile or tears (from being absolutely moved by the genuine emotions of everyone).

Congrats, Jollybitchu! You're going to fill this world with a true love...and have given me more reasons to be in love with everything about Trondheim from the great food to the friendships. Jury is still out on the Tronder music, but, it's growing on me! ;)

Takk for sist!

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