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  • Jamie Ramsay

The Chicago Reader Food Issue

I LOVED this recent assignment with the Chicago Reader that took me behind the scenes at restaurants including Stephanie Izard's Girl & the Goat, one of Bon Appetit's 50 Best Restaurants of 2016, Pub Royale and Michelin-starred BOKA, to photograph staff meals. This collaboration with a bunch of talented writers, photographers, designers and culinary talents came together beautifully. It's a part of the business I guess I realized happened but I never spent much time thinking about - the communing and eating of those that make sure we're communing and eating well. The entire package is well worth the read! The Reader, just keeps delivering! (no pun intended) ;)

Family meal (*when applicable-read the article!) might just be a vital part of any restaurant team's day. I had never thought much about it until the Chicago Reader sent me to photograph a few for this week's issue. Gathering, chatting, decompressing and finding fuel for what can be a relentless pace ahead, could be essential to a successful service. I found it intriguing to be able to observe. Here's a favorite from Chef Nate Tano at Pub Royale , who had so much technique and knew how to keep his work playful at the same time.

Cooking for a restaurant full of discerning fine diners is a lot of work, and that's after you've spent the morning cooking for your own restaurant staff! Delicious Korean Family meal prepped by Chef Eddie Lee at Boka Chicago.

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